INSTAGRAM AUDIT for Busy Business Owners!


Hey there, Biz Owner!

Have you tried ALL the things or feel completely lost when it comes to Instagram for your business? Well, you’ve found yourself in the right place (exhale sigh of relief). With tons of expert advice coming your way, it can be hard to know what you’re doing well, what you may be missing and where there’s room to improve.

BUT you don’t want to waste energy Googling, you don’t want to sign up for another course that ends up sitting in your inbox, and you may not be ready for Social Media Management. Your time is best spent running your business and serving your customers, so when you show up on Instagram you want to make it count.


Drumroll please…the Instagram Audit for Busy Business Owners was made for YOU.

A head to toe (or should we say bio to feed) review of your Instagram account by a Social Media Expert who provides you with a personalized roadmap.

Instagram doesn’t have to be frustrating. We’re serious! With the right approach you can enjoy your time on Instagram AND create business growth (believe that is called a win-win).

I'm intrigued, what exactly is an Instagram Audit?

We’ll review EVERYTHING about your Instagram account, including your profile photo, your bio, posts, Reels, highlights, branding and strategy. You’ll get a step-by-step plan and recommendations that you can implement right away based on our expert review. Viola! You’re on your way to growth, community building and better results on the gram.

Tell me more, how does it work?

This is our favorite part (okay one of our favorite parts), you’ll receive a video with your completed audit and step-by-step instructions that you can refer back to whenever you need. Because who has time for another Zoom meeting?!

Go on, who is this for?

If you use Instagram to market your business, this is for you. Whether you’re a new business owner or established entrepreneur, this Audit will maximize your time and efforts with expert recommendations tailored to your account.

I’m in, what’s next?!

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