About Wolf Dog

Hello! We're your one stop digital marketing shop dedicated to meaningful web design, professional branding and social media.


Our mission at Wolf Dog Marketing is to help businesses & entrepreneurs reach and engage more customers online. We provide impactful digital marketing solutions that tell your story to your ideal customers.

WDM is an online marketing boutique based in MetroWest Boston, working with clients across a range of industries. For B2C and B2B, we deliver professional branding, design, and consulting services to help businesses perform online. We know it’s not enough to just get noticed, you need to breakthrough.

We understand that navigating the digital landscape can be overwhelming. It’s difficult to know what your website needs and which digital marketing tactics are right for your business. There is no one size-fits-all approach that works, which is why we provide customized solutions from design to development.

Our clients appreciate having a true team behind their business and brand. We invest in getting to know your business and helping you to succeed. When you win, we win!

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Allison DiRienzo


Allison helps business owners grow their online presence and build their brand in a truly authentic way. She is our lead Social Media Strategist and responsible for all things copywriting at Wolf Dog. In fact, storytelling is her jam. Allison has the unique ability of helping you find your brand’s magic and then crafting it into words and stories. She wants to simplify Social Media for you and help you find the fun in it (yes, that’s right, she promises to make Social Media fun). A graduate of Tufts University, Allison has spent over a decade building and growing big brands including an online gaming property of Turner Broadcasting, Maybelline and T.J.Maxx. When she isn’t filming Reels, you might spot her out and about in Metrowest Massachusetts with her giant wolf dogs.

Jen Whittemore


Jen is our lead designer, WordPress expert and responsible for all things creative at Wolf Dog. Her mission is to completely transform your online presence with a brand + website that helps your business to STAND OUT. Working together, she’ll create a brand that is irresistibly ‘you’ — and one that completely resonates with your ideal client. Jen not only makes everything look good, she makes it all work well, too. With a Digital Ad Agency background, her broad range of website design, development and execution spans across business spheres including brands such as Apperian, Signiant, The Barking Crab and The City of Boston. When she isn’t building innovative brands, Jen enjoys spending time with her husband and two young daughters at their home in Central Massachusetts.



Melissa is responsible for managing digital design projects at Wolf Dog and is our trusted backbone. She helps bring website design to life and has a love for ecommerce projects. When it comes to digital marketing – she just “gets it” (Hallelujah)! Melissa has over 14 years of experience supporting C-Level Executives including the Global Client Business Partner at Universal McCanns J3 media agency, a background in global product development at Estee Lauder Companies, Inc., and assisted the CEO of Diesel USA while managing events for the retail brand. A graduate of Bentley University, she truly is a jack of all trades and has a deep passion for the digital space. Melissa even launched her own apparel company from the ground up where she built the entire ecommerce site, facilitated design and managed all social media content marketing.