Why You Need a WordPress Website - The Power of WordPress

Written by: Jen Whittemore

You wouldn’t believe how many prospective clients I talk to who start off our conversations with “WordPress seems too technical for me” or “My current website is built on WordPress but it is impossible for me to make updates myself.” My answer is usually “challenge accepted.”

I like to say that the way we build on WordPress will change your mind about how you feel about it. Long gone are the WordPress sites where the customer has to make changes to the code or mess around in the backend which will potentially break their site.

Here are the top 4 reasons why working with us on WordPress is different:

1. We build with a magical theme called Divi.
Divi is a powerful theme with flexibility to be customized for any business / industry. Their visual editor makes it so you don’t have to go into the dashboard to make edits. You can go directly to the page you want to edit and make changes in a drag and drop format. Divi is also always updating and staying current with the latest version of WordPress. That way you don’t have to worry about having a theme that is no longer supported down the road.

2. WordPress grows with you.
You want to add additional functionality down the road? Your new site can do that. We can add on e-commerce, booking software, videos, etc. without having to start from scratch. Design trends are bound to change over the years but the base of your site will be solid throughout.

3. We do a 60 minute recorded screenshare at the end of every project.
During this screenshare we walk you through everything you need to know about your new website. How to make changes, updates and feel confident navigating. We always say we are available to help you if you want us to on an ongoing basis but we never want you to feel like you are handcuffed or can’t update on your own.

4. We make sure you’re on a host that does 24hr backups.
You go to make an update and you accidentally break your site. Guess what, you can call the hosting company up and have them restore the version from yesterday and your site is back up and running. Long gone are the days where one mistake costs you thousands.

Want to learn more? Ditch your Wix, Weebly or outdated WordPress site and let’s chat!