Buh Bye Branding Myths

Written by: Allison DiRienzo
Good branding is good business. Branding is an experience and represents the personality of your business. It is much more than your logo, colors and fonts; however, those design elements are key in telling your brand story visually. We believe branding is an undertaking that evolves and we are excited to bust a few common branding myths!

Change is a part of life and so is true for the life of your brand. As your business evolves with new services, products and growth, your brand must evolve as well. What often hurts a business in making changes to their branding is skipping a purposeful design plan in the approach for the next phase. It is important to ask how your updated branding resonates with your ideal clients and then ensuring it’s executed consistently across channels. A thoughtful plan maps out the new guiding principles and provides tactics for powerful content creation. You need to dive into the evolution of your revamped brand story both visually and in messaging.

Branding is storytelling rather selling. Consumers now more than ever want to buy from or work with companies that they know, like and trust. In order to create a relationship with a potential client you need to let people know who you are and what is important to you. This is done by telling the stories behind the culture, the people, the genesis of the business and how industry standards are perceived. It is the beautiful task of opening up and showcasing what makes your business unique.

Advertising spend has an important place as part of a marketing strategy to reach more potential clients. That said, spending alone does not equate to successful brand building. Creating meaningful content is critical for fostering brand affinity. What can you create that adds value for your ideal clients? Is it tips, advice or forums for answering questions? Once you identify a content strategy implementing it consistently is the next piece in the puzzle. A well executed plan fosters credibility and provides greater meaning for your advertising spend.